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Zhanjiang Substation

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With the completion of the last step of the 220kV Tingzi Substation in Zhanjiang, the 220kV Tonglian Transmission and Transformation Project of Zhanjiang 220kV Tonglian Line was successfully completed and put into operation.
The line of the 220-kV Fushun Line of Zhanjiang was put into the whole line of the Tingzi Station. The whole line was constructed with single and double circuits. The total length of the new line was 36.885km. The original guide line was used to re-tighten the line by 0.678km. The base number of the new tower is 100 bases. The project will be put into operation, which will form the chain connection of 220kV Tunxi Substation to 220kV Tingzai Substation to 220kV Lianjiang Substation, effectively improving the safety and reliability of 220kV Tunxi Substation, 220kV Tingzai Substation and 220kV Lianjiang Substation. It guarantees the healthy development of industrial and agricultural and economic industrial clusters in Tunxi County and Lianjiang City in Zhanjiang District.
After confirming the date of the project's commissioning plan, Xiangyue Power has overcome many difficulties such as tight construction period, heavy tasks, many cross-over operations, typhoon and rain, adverse weather and environmental impacts, etc., actively organized and coordinated, relying on the attention of the Zhanjiang Power Supply Bureau and the project. The Ministry of Construction of the Lianjiang District project has effectively deployed and scientifically managed all aspects of the project. With the effective supervision work of the supervisory unit Guangdong Chuangcheng Supervision Co., Ltd., the 220 kV Tingzi power transmission and transformation project was completed 5 days ahead of schedule.
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