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Development overview and market analysis of domestic and international power industry

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Development overview and market analysis of domestic and international power industry

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(1) Industry development overview and market
(II) 1. Industry development status
1) Smart grid industry
The power industry is a basic energy industry that is related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. With the steady development of the global economy and the gradual improvement of people's living standards, the demand for electricity in various countries has increased rapidly, requiring countries to continue to increase investment in power infrastructure, thereby driving the construction of power grids. Under the conditions of continuous innovation and breakthrough in new energy technology, intelligent technology, information technology and network technology, the smart grid has become an inevitable choice for the development of the global power energy transmission and distribution link, and a wave of smart grid construction has emerged around the world.
(2) Smart meter is the cornerstone of smart grid
As one of the key terminal products for smart grid construction, smart meter and electricity information collection system products have an important supporting role for the realization of informationization, automation and interaction of power grids. With the rapid growth of smart grid investment, its market and profit margins also Rapid expansion.
The smart meter is a new type of electronic energy meter. It consists of a measuring unit and a data processing unit. It has functions such as electrical energy metering, real-time monitoring, automatic control, information interaction and data processing. Compared with the ordinary electric meter, in addition to the basic electricity metering function, it also has two-way multi-rate metering function, user-side control function, two-way data communication function of multiple data transmission modes, and anti-stealing function and other intelligent functions. The wide application of smart meters can improve the operating efficiency of power companies, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and enhance the stability of power systems.